Raccoons, Mice, & Other Things ‘Not So Nice’ - How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Garage

Raccoons, Mice, & Other Things ‘Not So Nice’ – How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Garage

There’s no doubt that garage rodent infestations can be a real pain. Not only are they gross and an eyesore, but they can also be dangerous, spreading diseases and causing damage to your property. Before giving in and resigning yourself to a lifetime of rodent-infested misery, read this blog post to discover ways to keep these critters out of your garage for good. 

Why do Homeowners Dislike Rodent Infestations?

Raccoons, mice, pests, and unwanted insects have been tormenting human lives for ages. Their presence in ducts, ceilings, and garages sometimes signals towards a homeowner’s lack of cleanliness. While some people are not bothered by such creatures, many homeowners go to great lengths to keep their homes free of pests.

There are several reasons why homeowners dislike rodents in the garage.

  • They’re dirty and spread diseases
  • They damage property
  • They’re a nuisance and can be hard to get rid of
  • They may invade the home through the garage

5 Ways to Keep Rodents Out of Your Garage

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with rodents in your garage, there are a few things you can do to keep them out for good. Try these five tips:

Clean up regularly

Rodents are attracted to garages in the first place because they’re full of food and other potential nesting materials. Take out the garbage regularly, sweep up crumbs, and store food in airtight containers.

Get rid of hiding spots

Garages are the perfect hiding spot for rodents. Be sure to declutter and eliminate any potential hiding places, such as cardboard boxes or old newspapers.

Seal up any openings

Rodents can squeeze through tiny openings, so it’s essential to seal up any cracks or holes in your garage, both inside and out.

Use a rodent-repellent spray

You can find these sprays at most hardware stores. Just be sure to follow the directions carefully.

Call in the professionals

If you’ve tried everything and the rodents are still getting in, it may be time to call in a professional pest control company. They’ll identify the problem and come up with a plan to get rid of those pesky pests!

Can Rodents and Pests Damage Your Garage Door?

If you have rodents in your garage, they can do much damage. They can chew through wires, insulation, and even wood. This can cause problems with your garage door opener and your garage door itself.

It’s not just the warm weather that brings rodents out in droves. Rats, raccoons, and other critters can be a nuisance any time of year. If you’re having trouble with pests invading your garage, follow the tips mentioned above. And, if you’re looking to install a new garage door in Roanoke or are looking to make the current one closed tight, Johnny B’s Garage Doors and Service can help.

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